POWDERFUL! loose powder 03 Deep
POWDERFUL! loose powder 03 Deep
POWDERFUL! loose powder 03 Deep
POWDERFUL! loose powder 03 Deep

POWDERFUL! loose powder 03 Deep

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For an exquisite final touch, the light and airy texture of our new POWDERFUL! loose powder will make your skin look perfectly fresh and natural.
The skin breathes freely and has a protective shield that reduces the absorption of harmful particles from the environment without affecting the normal functioning of the skin.
Its mineral elements enable the powdery texture to become one with the skin (skin feel), which is why it feels so natural on the face. Another great feature of the mineral elements is that they do not dry the skin, but provide additional moisture and comfort.
It contains microparticles that absorb the excess sebum and help neutralise shine, ensuring a lasting matte finish.

This loose powder is ideal for everyday use and it can be applied as a final step to set/fix a liquid foundation, or used on its own when you want to achieve a matte and even look. The airy structure of the powder provides no extra coverage and only blends in with your tan. Your skin preserves its natural beauty with each application.
The product is enriched with a fragrant lotus note, making the application even more enjoyable.
Its innovative package features an elastic mesh inside the protective cap, which enables optimal dosing during application and prevents spillage.

It comes in six shades:

01 Light

02 Natural
03 Deep
04 Crystal Bright.
05 Pinky
06 Creamy

What makes shade 04 Crystal Bright truly unique is the fine shiny particles, which further emphasise the freshness and delicacy of your smooth and velvety finish.

Application tips:
Using a suitable makeup brush, gently press on the mesh to collect an optimal amount of powder. Apply to the skin using gentle strokes from the inside out.
Characteristics Value
Category Powders
Težina specifikacija 0 kg
Brand AURA
Purpose FACE
Online Shop products name PUDER U PRAHU POWDERFUL! 03 Deep
Pantone 1605 C
Color beige/nude/brown
Status New
Ingradientes PUDER U PRAHU POWDERFUL! 03 Deep
Neto 8g
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