Refund policy

Please, send us an e-mail on:  or a registered mail to: AURA MAKE UP d.o.o.  Samoborska cesta 134, Zagreb, and state the number of the delivery note that you received along with the ordered products.

Once you provide us with the necessary information, we will send you the relevant documentation and refund procedure to the e-mail address that you entered when you created the order.

The refund is carried out by the bank, after the seller has sent a request for refunding the paid funds to the bank account of the buyer.

The ordered products cannot be sent back to the address stated in the delivery note unless you have previously contacted and agreed with the operators for AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. online trading. The package which is sent without previous agreement with the operators will be returned to the sender and the sender will be in obligation to bear the costs of the return.