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Privacy and Cookie Statement

During the performance of its business activities, AURA MAKE UP d.o.o.  Samoborska cesta 134, Zagreb, OIB code: 88226969127  (hereinafter referred to as: AURA MAKE UP d.o.o.) collects and processes personal information, all in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.

We at AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. are committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information of all our visitors and buyers, all pursuant to the provisions of the Law on E-Commerce (Official Gazette, no. 173/2003 , 67/2008 and 36/2009).

Please, read this Statement very carefully in order to receive full information on the ways we collect, process,  protect or use your personal information.

We implement strict security measures to protect the interest of the buyers and prevent information misuse. During the process of online shopping, we will use only the necessary information. All employees of AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. and company's business partners are in obligation to respect the principles of privacy protection and information confidentiality. We collect only the necessary basic information on buyers/customers and inform the site visitors and buyers about the ways of using such information. Additionally, we offer buyers a possibility to chose the way their information will be used, including the possibility to decide if they want their names to be removed from the lists which are used for marketing campaigns. 

Personal information of the buyers are stored in information system of AURA MAKE UP d.o.o., is kept at safe location and is available only to those employees of AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. who need such information to provide top-quality services to our buyers. The use of information is limited to communication with the buyers for the purpose of carrying out sale transactions and informing the buyers about the news and discounts which are available at our web page.

AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. guarantees that personal information of the users of web page AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. will never be disclosed or made available to third parties without previous explicit consent of the buyer. This does not refer to the obligation of making personal information available to authorized official institutions of the Republic of Croatia and Europe, that need such information for inspecting business operations.

We collect only personal information that you voluntarily provide, and use such information only for the purposes which are stated in privacy protection policy. We do not ask you to send us personal information to grant you access to our pages and we do not ask you to disclose more pieces of information than it is necessary for participating in a specific activity at one of our pages.

AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. is in obligation to protect the privacy of personal information of all buyers, and will handle such information in compliance with the Law on Data Protection  and other valid regulations.

By registering on our site, you confirm the accuracy of information stated in the form and agree that AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. may, in compliance with the Law on Data Protection (Official Gazette, no. 103/2003 and 118/2006) and Law on E-Commerce (Official Gazette, no. 173/2003 , 67/2008 and 36/2009), process personal information stated in the form for the needs of company's records and providing information on new products and services.

Personal information procession manager

AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. is personal information procession manager, in compliance with the law and regulations on personal information protection. As personal information procession manager, AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. defined the purpose and ways to process personal information, and is fully responsible for keeping and using personal information in hard copy and/or electronic form. If you have any questions regarding the procession of personal information or exercising your right to personal information protection, please contact us via e-mail:

Personal information that we collect

Personal information is each piece of information which refers to an individual whose identity is either known or could be identified. Individual whose identity can be identified is the individual who can, directly or indirectly, be identified by means of identifier such as name, ID number, information on location, network identifiers or by one or more factors which are specific for physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic cultural or social identity of such individual.

We collect your personal information only if you voluntarily provide us with such information by filling in the web form or during the procedure of subscribing for our newsletter.

You should bear in mind that non-personal information and data can be automatically collected via our servers or by using “cookies”.

The examples of information on your use of the page include as follows: frequently visited pages and links on our web page, the number of filled out forms, time spend on a specific page, most popular key words that lead to our page, your IP address, information which is collected by cookies, information from your device, such as hardware settings, system activities, types of browsers, etc.

For the needs of carrying out its business tasks, AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. collects the following user information:

• Full name
• Address and place of residence
• E-mail address
• Telephone number
• Password in an encrypted form

We are not responsible for the accuracy of the formation that the users have entered.

The purpose of processing personal information

The reasons we process personal information for meeting contractual obligations are as follows:

• Opening user profiles on the web page
• Processing orders via online trading and delivery of the ordered products
• Transferring commercial communication via e-mail, mobile telephone or traditional courier service (within the scope of your consent)
• Providing answers to inquiries, advice, comments, objections, etc. sent by you
• Solving disputes or complaints which refer or derive from the activities of AURA MAKE UP d.o.o.
• Promoting our services and stating our intention for signing agreements

Legal grounds for processing personal information

By entering personal information and confirming (clicking) the acceptance of Terms of Sale and this Privacy Statement, the Buyer accepts contractual relation which represents the grounds for buying products and services selected by the Buyer at:, which is stated in Terms of Sale. Therefore, the procession of personal information has legal grounds, as the actions for the purpose of implementation of product and service purchase are taken at the request of the Buyer, and as ordered by the Buyer.

Receiving marketing  campaigns (newsletters) via e-mail

If  you decide to subscribe for our newsletter list, the e-mail that you send us will be forwarded to the software platform which provides e-marketing services. The e-mail that you sent us will not be saved in our database or in any of our internal computer systems, but will remain in database of the above stated platform, as long as we use the platform services for e-mail marketing or until you wish to unsubscribe from newsletter list. You can unsubscribe by canceling your subscription via special links which are given in all newsletters that we send you, or by sending us an e-mail and asking to be unsubscribed.

The buyer can subscribe to receive news about the products and discounts by entering the buyer's information at internet page: and giving consent to the procession of personal information by using double-opt confirmation.

Communicating information to third persons

AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. will not disclose personal information of the Buyers to third parties, except in cases defined below or in situations which are defined by positive legal regulations. 

When agreement on purchasing the products or services ordered by the Buyer requires so, AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. will disclose Buyer's personal information to:

• Providers of distribution services that the company has signed long-term agreement with. Personal information is used for filling out orders, delivering packages, sending mail and e-mail. Providers of distribution services may ask the Buyer to show ID  at the moment of personal takeover of the products, all with the aim of completing the delivery and confirming the identity of the person who has taken over the package. If the Buyer refuses to provide such information, the package will not be delivered. Providers of distribution services may send a link for tracking the package status to the Buyer's e-mail address.

Erasing personal information (right to be forgotten, consent withdrawal)

If the Buyer does not want the Seller to process the Buyer's personal information in any way, the Buyer has the right to request erasing personal information by sending a notification on erasing personal information to the following e-mail address:

Right of objection

If, despite implementing all measures for protecting personal information, you consider that there are grounds for objection, you can contact Personal Information Procession Manager via e-mail:

You can submit objection to the procession of your personal information to the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency (CPDPA).

Access and correction of personal information

Buyer and Seller may, at any moment, access their personal information entered in the registration section or by accessing “My information” where the Buyer may change personal information that have been shared with AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. Additionally, Buyer/Customer may ask AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. to receive full information on personal information which has been saved, and can correct the information by sending an e-mail to Personal Information Procession Manager:

Personal information retention period

We shall keep your personal information as long as wee need such information for implementing the purpose that we process information for. Criteria that we use as a base for defining retention period is collection purpose and  time period that you want us to provide specific services for you.

Security measures for protecting personal information – encryption

Your personal information and all pages of  internet trading are protected by Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol with 128-bit encryption. SSL encryption uses data cryptography to prevent unauthorized access to data during data transfer.

Breach of data privacy

We will inform all relevant individuals and authorized institutions on each breach of privacy of information from database that belongs to us or any of our partners within 72 hours from the moment of the breach, if it has become obvious that the stolen data are stored in a way which may reveal the identity of the information owner.

Changes to Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement can be changed from time to time in compliance with the legal regulations or in line with the development of the industry. We shall not explicitly inform out clients or users of web pages on such changes. Instead, we suggest that you occasionally check the this page in order to be informed about the changes to this Privacy Statement.

Your permission

By using this web page you give your consent to the above privacy policy.

Use of cookies

Web pages: use cookies – textual files that a web browser stores on visitor's/customer's PC for further use. The files are created when the browser on user's device loads web pages that the user has visited. Web pages then send information to the browser, which creates textual file (cookie). Next time the user visits the same web page, the browser fetches and sends the file to web page server (location, page), thus offering the user numerous online possibilities and improved user experience.

It is important to emphasize that internet page: cannot access other files on the customer's PC or gain access to information that the customer has not previously provided. Web pages  do not contain cookies which enable initiating a program or installing a virus on your PC.

The collected information implies IP address of the customer, infiltration on the browser, language, operational system and other standard statistical information which is collected and analyzed exclusively in anonymous and massive form. Web pages  use Google Analytics statistics. We can, from time to time, collect formation on the ways customers use our web pages by applying tools similar to Google Analytics.

Moreover, for the purpose of planning the announcements of the content and future marketing campaign which correspond to your interests, we use Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting, where we can use information from Google Ads based on the interests or data on third party audience (for instance, age, gender and interests) at Google Analytics. More information on this service and possibilities of regulating necessary cookie setting are available at:


Aside from Google Analytic, we use Zopim platform for online communication (chat).

If you disagree with the use of cookies, you can easily erase (or disable) them on your PC or mobile telephone using the settings option on your internet browser.

As the purpose of the cookies is to improve the experience that you have with your web pages and accompanying processes, you should bear in mind that disabling or erasing cookies might disable the features of the pages and make them look and operate differently on your browser.

By using these web pages, you agree with the ways of collecting and using information described in this Statement, as well as with the storage and access to cookies on your device.

The first time you access the web page, you will see a sign which warns you on the presence of cookies and which will ask you to accept such cookies. By continuing to browse, you accept the use of cookies. If the cookies are disabled on your device, the purchase via  Internet trade or creation of Wish-List will not be possible.

Session cookies

Session cookies are automatically removed from your PC once you close the web browser. The cookies are used to store temporary information (for instance, products in shopping cart).

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are stored on your PC even after you close the web browser.  Web pages use such cookies to store information, usually regarding your preferences and settings while using a web page. Persistent cookies will remain on your device until you delete them manually or until they expire. 

First-party cookies

First-party cookies originate from the website you visit and can be temporary or persistent. Web pages use first-party cookies to store information, such as username and password, so you do not have to sign in at each visit to a specific website. 

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are cookies created by domains which are not the web sites you are visiting. Web pages may contain the content which refers to other fields of interest (such as banners), which opens the possibility of tracking user's web browsing history. Majority of modern browsers offer the possibility of setting up privacy preferences, so you can block third-party cookies. 

How to disable cookies?

If you wish, you can disable cookies from your browser. Disabling the cookies may have a negative effect on the use of a particular web page. In order to disable cookies, you need to change settings and configuration of your internet browser. Select the option help, then information on the cookies and follow the instructions.


AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. is on obligation to protect personal information of the buyers by collecting only the necessary, essential information on the buyers/customers which are absolutely necessary for fulfilling our obligations. Additionally, the company is in obligation to inform the buyers about the ways of using the collected information, to offer customers a possibility to chose the way their information will be used, including the possibility to decide if they want their names to be removed from the lists which are used for marketing campaigns. The collected information is fully protected and is available only to the company's employees who need such information for performing their professional tasks. All employees of AURA MAKE UP d.o.o. and company's business partners are in obligation to respect the principles of privacy protection.