Nail Polish Like a PRO! 154 Cinnamon Sparkle

Nail Polish Like a PRO! 154 Cinnamon Sparkle

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With our nail polish collection Like a Pro! you will no longer have to go to get your nails done.
 Richly pigmented formula, easy to apply, carefully selected ingredients, all of this  provide a long-lasting effect and an ultra high shine to the nails. A patented combination of plasticizers creates a film that is flexible and makes your nail polish permament and resistent to all the cracks. Everything you need for beautifully styled nails in a few simple brush strokes.

154 Cinnamon sparkle

The glossy finish will make you stand out from the crowd in every occasion.
Characteristics Value
Category Nail Lacquers
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Brand AURA
Purpose NAILS
Online Shop products name Lak za nokte Like a PRO! 154 Cinnamon Spark
Ingradientes 154
Neto 9,5 ml
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