Nail Polish Like a PRO! 152 Metallic

Nail Polish Like a PRO! 152 Metallic

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With our nail polish collection Like a Pro! you will no longer have to go to get your nails done.
 Richly pigmented formula, easy to apply, carefully selected ingredients, all of this  provide a long-lasting effect and an ultra high shine to the nails. A patented combination of plasticizers creates a film that is flexible and makes your nail polish permament and resistent to all the cracks. Everything you need for beautifully styled nails in a few simple brush strokes.

152 Metalic

You set the trends and there is no look you are afraid to try. The perfect metalic color is your choice.
Characteristics Value
Category Nail Lacquers
Težina specifikacija 0 kg
Brand AURA
Purpose NAILS
Online Shop products name Lak za nokte Like a PRO! 152 Metallic
Ingradientes 152
Neto 9,5 ml
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