Classic Lipstick 254 Iconic Red

Classic Lipstick 254 Iconic Red

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Modern classic - seductive lipstick with a satin finish.
Inspired by old Hollywood, timeless beauty and high fashion of the last century - we have created a line of six perfectly creamy shades of lipstick that will highlight your lips, nurture them and make you feel like a modern diva!
Like elegant dresses that shine on the red carpet, our Classic Rouge will turn your lips into bright, silky-soft and very defined. Luxurious creamy texture, enriched with highly pigmented particles, offers a rich color, is non-sticky and light. Nourishing oils intensively nourish the lips, give them more volume, while at the same time make the lipstick easily and evenly applied.
Like the formula itself, the packaging and shades have been carefully selected to associate with the classics, a beauty that resists trends and is always current. The discreet vanilla scent from Madagascar will complete the experience of exoticism and elegance, while the effective packaging in a combination of black and gold lacquer will add a dose of glamor to your everyday life.
Lipstick shades are created to fit almost any occasion and make it elegant:
250 Nude Pink - For those days when we want makeup that is neutral but feminine and beautiful. Nude Pink is a muffled version of pink, with a creamy texture and satin finish - inspired by makeup from the early 1960s, when red lipstick ceased to be relevant and pastel shades took over the spotlight.
251 Rosy Nude - Delicate pink shade with a purple undertone. It is very pigmented and one layer is quite enough for complete coverage and bold look. Combined with Nude Pink color from the same collection, Rosy Pink lipstick can create the illusion of fuller and bigger lips.
252 Dusty Rose - Inspired by catwalk makeup from the early 70s, Dusty Rose is a color you can wear every day because it will make your lips look naturally beautiful, but better than that! This shade is
a perfect alternative to daring red - because it emphasizes the lips, and it fits more easily with various clothing combinations.
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